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The Hunt augmented reality app

Sheffield City Council and Move More had a specific set of problems.


  1. We’re not engaging with visitors to our cities parks
  2. We don’t know who is actually visiting, where they’re going and where they come from
  3. We need to make people move more


Creation of a fun app to answer these problems. We rewarded users for participation. The app tracked entry, exit, congregation and pause points. We used this data to improve the customers journey.

The app consisted of challenges which were made available on the app dependant on the user location. We installed BLE (BlueTooth) beacons to create an IOT (internet of things) networks across the parks. Using this technology we could track the users range to a specific physical area. The user was given a visual and text based clue which they would have to solve to find the location. The app had a real-time visual radar indicating if the user was hot, warm or cold depending on their proximity to the beacon. When they were hot the ‘Found It’ button was unlocked to mark off the challenge.

We engaged local and national retailers to sponsor the challenges to provide rewards for kids and familes on compelting the challenges, these were built in to the app as QR codes redeamable at checkout.