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Vehicle WiFi

Travelcorp required a solution to connect their 2000+ coaches worldwide to the Internet, allowing their coach tour guests to access the web anywhere.


The product design was particularly challenging, there were several factors to overcome. Firstly I needed to develop a physical device which could be carried through customs by the tour managers, could easily be installed into coaches in multiple countries and would be fully automated from power on. Secondly, the product would require a carrier service agreement which was borderless, not just between countries but between continents.


To deliver this product I worked across three partner organizations and several hardware providers. The end result was a standardized hardware and software product that exceeded the customer requirements that was simple to use for the tour managers, as well as the end users themselves. The actual IP Transit (Internet traffic) solution was completely unavailable, I worked with Vodafone to develop a new product which they could offer to support the service layer requirement. It is now the second most read case study on their corporate website.


As part of the project, I acted as the ‘CEO’ of the product, overseeing each aspect from design, development, and testing to commercial agreement. The project required extensive user testing across multiple countries which I carried out as a consumer of the product traveling with guests and observing their use and gathering feedback, this helped me understand how we could improve the product and pass this back to the team for the next iteration.