Become your own commodity

Taking products to market and backing the ones that sell by buying more is the skill of the trader, the only issue is the trader does exactly that all their lives, they make trades. New products and markets have to be found and then sales have to be made. When a new product enters a market and performs well it can be replicated within a day. As resellers build up pricing wars start, the sellers price each other out of the market. The new shiny product now becomes a commodity with the buying decision being largely based on price.

The alternative approach is to get in on the action early, reselling the shiny new product, delivering outstanding customer service and keeping your pricing in line with the highest priced competitor, all the while giving great service and growing repeat customers. Source your own manufacturer and/or white-label the product adding more value in the process and begin to cross sell your customers with your own branded product. As the original brand becomes a widely available commodity you are creating your own commodity with no competitors, outstanding quality and the best customer service at a premium price.

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