Google Analytic’s now integrated into

Another mile stone reached with last week as we completed integration with Google Analytic’s.

Building out Linktagger’s reporting suite has been interesting. We currently report on number of scans of our Linktag QR Codes with filters available by group, linktag, day, month, year and so on.

Looking ahead at future development we started to develop Geolocation reporting and device types etc. The standard fare in web analytic’s, but then we decided to stop and look at how we can make this simpler for the user. Google Analytic’s integration seem’s to be the answer. Anyone using QR Codes for marketing purposes is likely to be using Google’s reporting suite for tracking website hits and social reach, so it makes sense to tie these two things up together.

This has allowed us to look deeper in to what we want to ultimately deliver in our reports to our users, and the answer we believe is choice. Simple choices such as to track via IP or GPS location. GPS tracking adds a layer of complexity as it can be a barrier for users with it’s permission requirements. So the ability to measure this and turn it off/on is a feature we want to spend a bit of time working on.

Partnering with Google Analytic’s has not only added a great new feature but it’s given us space to look again at this area and not rush in to creating a dashboard full of reports and features that are too complex and inhibit the use of our platform and ultimately the engagement of the user. Anyone that needs this level of reporting can easily add their Analytic’s ID in their account page and view their Linktag stats in real time.

Linktagger is our dynamic QR Code management platform which allows the creation and management of powerful QR Codes for linking to websites, app store apps, mobile sales channels and public information among many other uses. If you haven’t signed up for a free account at be sure to head over and try us out.

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