Hammer a Boundary

“Hammer a boundary” or “hit it out of the park” if you’re American means to hit the ball out of the boundary of the place the game is played to score a 6 in cricket and I’m not sure what that does for you in Baseball. In bootstrapping and start-up’s the term “hit it out of the park” has been used quite a lot lately, this basically means to aim for major acquisition from day dot. As I’m British it just didn’t feel right to use this term for a blog post so went with Cricket instead.

In the past “Start-Up” and “Bootstrapper” have (at least in Europe) been used interchangeably, however this seems to be changing and more podcast’s and blog’s seem to be either for one or the other. The Bootstrapper is the girl or guy that’s set their stall out to launch a business with none or little capital investment from savings or family, essentially holding themselves up from their bootstraps. The Start-up is now synonymous with getting funded, raising an IPO or getting acquired, all while wearing a hoodie.

To understand what bootstrapping is all about see Seth Godin’s Bootstrapper’s Manifesto in his free ebook the Bootstrapper Bible.



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