Is anybody listening…

Lately when sitting in meetings, or just in general, I look at the people I’m talking to and wonder, are they really listening? I don’t mean hearing me, I mean really listening to what I have to say, what I care about, what drives me, or are they just selling to me.

Making connections in the new connection economy isn’t just about simply making new connections and collecting business cards, it’s actually connecting with one another on a level that is mutual. Connecting over a shared passion, adding value and gaining trust is what we’re looking for here. If you try to use the new connection economy to simply sell your wares, or sign up someone for your services without adding some kind of value, then you are in the old economy, the industrial complex economy, and the only value you’re adding is for yourself.

If you push your product or service with passion, and add value for others where there may be none for you, then you are already trading in the new connection economy. If your service is truly needed, then it is to you the person who is trusted, that people will come back to.

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