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I recently launched a Kickstarter project with a friend Gavin Edley. The project is an origami style boat racing mobile game called Blow Boat. We plan to develop the game in HTML5 and ensure it’s cross platform from the start. You can checkout the game over at Kickstarter.

This is my first foray into Kickstarter and crowd sourcing in general. I’ve helped out as an adviser to an African based crowd sourcing platform in an unofficial capacity but it didn’t have the same reach as Kickstarter.

My initial thoughts on Kickstarter is that it’s a great platform for projects that are already well underway and just need that last push across the finish line, or projects where the end creation is the reward to the backer. Our app is a mobile game that I think will have wide appeal across different platforms and ages too. I’ll post my final experience once our project is over and the various steps to submitting a project and thoughts in general.

As well as being the first time for a crowd sourced project it’s also my first time being part of a mobile game and its very exciting. We’ve passed the idea and design stage and now need to raise the cash to send it for development and take it to market. The premise of the game is that of racing origami style paper boats against your friends form your favorite social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. You can then upgrade your boat and buy extra goodies such as cannons and blast them out of the game. Gavin and I were in his office the other day making paper boats with large sheets of paper ready for a press event next week in Sheffield City Center to help promote Blow Boat. The whole idea around the game takes me back to the days of Dennis the Menace on TV and reading Beano comics. It just has this “old school mischief” about it but with a modern twist.

Wish us luck…

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