When it all goes wrong

When it all goes wrong, what do we do. Some crumble, some rise to the challenge, some seem to take it in their stride, some blame others, some say “I told you so”.

Its usually these moments that will define us, not just to ourselves, but to others too.

So what should we do? It all depends on the situation, and its not for one to tell others how to react. But perhaps there in is the clue ‘react’. It can often be prudent to ask ourselves in these situations, “am I reacting, or am I responding”?

To react is to take our initial reaction and apply it to the situation, to respond is to take our reaction, think about it, and then respond accordingly. Its been a long lesson for me, but surely enough after much reacting I find I tend to respond lately rather than react. It seems to be the better option.

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